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Making sure your child has regular visits with their pediatrician is one of the most significant ways you can protect their health and wellness. Jilly Vidyasagaran, MD, of Fairmont Pediatrics has offices in La Porte and Pasadena, Texas, where she offers expert annual checkups and baby checkups for your little ones. To schedule a well-child or well-baby visit, call the practice or make an appointment online at one of her offices today.

Annual Check and Baby Check Q & A

What is an annual check or baby check?

Well-child annual checks and baby checks are age-specific physical examinations that are performed by your trusted pediatrician, Dr. Vidyasagaran. Regular physical exams begin soon after birth and support your child’s health until they reach young adulthood. 

The purpose of an annual checkup or baby checkup is to:

  • Assess your child’s overall health
  • Address any of your concerns
  • Administer immunizations 
  • Record their growth and development
  • Talk about infant feeding and child nutrition 
  • Encourage healthy behaviors
  • Identify any signs or risk factors for medical conditions 
  • Identify the need for referrals to specialists

An essential part of your child’s annual or baby checkup is building trust between them and Dr. Vidyasagaran while they’re healthy and free of illness. This is especially beneficial if they get sick or need treatment for acute or chronic disease. 

How often does my child need a physical exam?

Baby checks begin within 3-5 days after birth and continue every 1-3 months for the first year of your baby’s life. 

After your child’s first birthday, regular baby and child checkups take place at:

  • 15 months 
  • 18 months 
  • Two years
  • 30 months
  • Three years

Starting at age four, your child has annual checks, often at the beginning of the school year. As your child ages, Dr. Vidyasagaran tailors their examinations to fit their specific developmental needs. 

Baby checks and annual checks typically coincide with the childhood immunization schedule recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

What happens during a baby check or annual check?

During your child’s visit, Dr. Vidyasagaran and the team at Fairmont Pediatrics will:

  • Measure height and weight
  • Record blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate
  • Listen to the heart, lungs, and abdomen 
  • Administer vaccines 
  • Look inside the ears, nose, and mouth
  • Assess vision and hearing
  • Test reflexes and motor skills
  • Take a sample of blood or urine, if needed

During your child’s visit, you have an opportunity to ask questions or discuss your concerns with Dr. Vidyasagaran. If she sees anything that needs further investigation, she may recommend diagnostic testing or make specialist referrals. 

To schedule a baby checkup or annual checkup for your child, call one of the offices or schedule an appointment with Fairmont Pediatrics today.