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A sports physical is a great way to ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in their favorite activities. Jilly Vidyasagaran, MD, of Fairmont Pediatrics offers expert sports physicals at both of her offices, located in La Porte and Pasadena, Texas. Whether your sports league requires an exam, or you want to make sure your child is healthy enough to play, call the practice or schedule an appointment online.

Sport Physical Q & A

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is a specialized exam required by many schools and youth sports programs that ensure your child is healthy enough to participate in certain physical activities. 

As your child’s pediatrician, Dr. Vidyasagaran is qualified to assess and clear them for play. She and the team at Fairmont Pediatrics complete the required paperwork the same day as your sports physical. 

What happens during a sports physical?

During a sports physical, Dr. Vidyasagaran and her team:

  • Document your child’s health history
  • Check your child’s vital signs
  • Check your child’s height and weight
  • Update your child’s medical record
  • Update your child’s immunizations
  • Perform a basic hearing and vision test
  • Assess your child’s major body systems
  • Complete an electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Monitor your child’s coordination and balance
  • Evaluate any current injuries or medical conditions

The sports physical is a basic assessment that is not as complete as an annual checkup but is enough to ensure safety during sports play. If this assessment reveals any cause for concern, Dr. Vidyasagaran may recommend a follow-up visit.

What if my child has an existing medical condition?

If your child has medical problems, such as asthma or diabetes, Dr. Vidyasagaran is the best one to determine which activities are best for them. 

Having an existing medical condition doesn’t necessarily mean your child can’t participate in sports, but they may need to follow certain guidelines to keep them healthy as they play. 

How can I prepare for my child’s sports physical? 

As a parent, you can help prepare for your child’s sports physical by: 

  • Explaining to your child what to expect
  • Dressing your child in light, flexible clothing
  • Feeding your child per their regular schedule
  • Bringing a detailed list of medications your child takes regularly
  • Bringing their sports equipment for evaluation of proper fit
  • Bringing any paperwork that Dr. Vidyasagaran may need to complete

Sports physicals ensure your child is as safe and healthy as possible when they play the sport they love. Whether your little one is playing tee ball for the first time, or your college athlete is paying his way through college, a sports physical is an essential step in preparing for their season. 

To schedule a sports physical, call the office or book an appointment online with Fairmont Pediatrics.